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The Pubs of London

“The Pubs of London”
Written and arranged by Reynold D. Philipsek 1994 copyright Zino-Reph Music (BMI)
guitars, synth, glockenspiel and vocals-Reynold
Zane Schaefer- trombone and trumpet
Lowell Larson-trombone
Steve Read-Smith-drums
Luke Kramer- bass
(from “Global Home Movie.”)
I had already spent much time in England before 1994 but by this time I had a good friend who was living and working in London as well. The late Peter Matinsen was a recording engineer who I had worked a lot with in the U. S. By the early 1990’s his work on several well known Pop records had landed him a job working for Virgin Records in France and then London.
London was our last stop on the around the world adventure. When in London, I took a telephone directory and wrote down a long list of pub names. The idea was to write a very 1960’s type British Pop song using nothing but pub names as the lyric. I wrote the list to be used in the song and then Peter, his wife, Mary and I proceeded to try and visit as many of the pubs as we could over a one week period. Very fun.
Unfortunately my friend Peter has long been gone. He found out his wife was pregnant with his first child the same week he was diagnosed with a terminal disease. Still I have very fond memories of our “pub crawl.”
Musically, with the help of Stymie Seamans (the recording engineer), I tried to employ every 1960’s pop and psychedelic recording trick in the book like backwards cymbals, heavy panning, etc. We even recorded the track on an 8 track reel to reel machine. I still like this recording very much. I count 41 pub names. We made it to about 25 of them on our pub crawl that year.
“The Pubs of London”
At the Duke of Kendal or
Duke of St. Alban’s.
Duke of Sussex, Duke of Clarence 
or Duke of Wellington.
At Three Crowns, Three Stags
or Windsor Castle Inn,
in Thatched House or the The Hope.
At Thomas A “Beckett” or 
The Antigallican,
The Old King’s Head or 
The Narrow Boat.
At Pheasant and Firkin or
down at The Pilgrim,
Prince Albert, Prince Alfred
or at The Punch Tavern.
The Greyhound, The Green Man or
General Picton,
At Dicken’s Inn or the Sherlock Holmes,
The Royal George, Robin Hood
or The Good Samaritan,
The Sporting Life and The Sugar Loaf.
And… Now that the world’s just one big town
Who’d like the buy the world a round,
So we can raise a toast,
Everybody ready?
Here we go,
From Tiananmen Square to
Old Soho,
The whole world around.
At The Shakespeare Tavern
or at The Seven Stars,
At Simon the Tanner
or at The Stampford Arms.
At Elephant and Castle or
Empress of Russia,
At Fox and Hounds or The Globe,
The Final Furlong or at
Flowers of the Forest,
The Rose and Crown or
The Royal Oak…
(Refrain Again) 

Astoria Outtake Clip

composed by Reynold D. Philipsek
2008 copyright
harmonica-Clint Hoover

This is an outtake clip from the documentary “A Life Well Played”.
It was just recently rediscovered.
The clip is of Clint Hoover (harmonica) and me playing “Astoria” ( a song we recorded in 2008).
Clint and I eventually went on to form the quartet East Side with Matt Senjem and Michael Bissonnette.
We made two albums.
Clint has since moved to Pittsburgh but this is a nice memento of our partnership and friendship.
The clip was filmed in the fall of 2015.

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Someday Maybe

“Someday Maybe”
(written and arranged by Reynold D. Philipsek copyright Zino-Rephi Music BMI)

guitar- Reynold
harmonica- Clint Hoover
bass- Jeff Brueske
keyboards- Gregg Inhofer
percussion- Michael Bissonnette

This is from my new album, “Picture This.” A version of this song was originally recorded for “Anthology.”

This “new” version has added piano and synths strings which, in my opinion, enhance the song in a very dramatic way. In fact, the song itself is a sort of study in applying a sense of drama and poignancy in music.

I originally wrote the song for my friend jazz violinist, Gary Schulte, but alas it was never recorded with or by him.

At least not yet.

I am very pleased with this new version.

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Silesian Mist

“Silesian Mist”
(composed by reynold d. philipsek 2018 copyright Zino-Rephi Music BMI)

guitar, mandolin-reynold
percussion-michael bissonnette
acoustic bass-matt senjem

My family comes from the eastern part of Europe (Poland, Ukraine and Bohemia or Silesia).

My natural tendency is toward harmonies that reflect an Eastern European bent which are basically minor scalar things with flattened fifths and raised sevenths.

That might be an overly technical explanation for some but it essentially means a sort of “gypsy” flavor. In fact the scale is called by some Hungarian Minor and by others Gypsy Minor.

Again, I don’t purposely write or play in this mode, it just happens.

This song came to me one day while I was out jogging. The recurrent “mantra” in 11/4 was not premeditated. I only go to odd meters if they naturally occur. Otherwise it seems forced or contrived. In my opinion.
In fact, only when I came home from the jog and wrote down the melody of the theme did I realize it was in 11.

The solo sections in between are very modal. The whole thing goes even a little further “East” than Silesia and enters a little quasi/faux “raga” territory.

The piece is a staple of both of my performing groups East Side and Sidewalk Cafe, as well as being on my latest album, Picture This.