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I have always liked Autumn and Halloween especially holds some fond memories for me. When I was 12 years old I purchased two books that made a big impression on me. One book was The Collected Short Stories of Washington Irving (which included The Legend of Sleepy Hollow) and the other was a collection of poems by Edgar Allan Poe.

That October, under the influence of these two books, I decided to become a writer.
First of all, however, I felt that I needed to have the appropriate accoutrements. So I had my mother sew a black cape for me (she refused to include a red satin lining) and I then fashioned a quill writing utensil by sticking the innards of a ball point pen in a hollowed out feather. For some reason I felt these were things were essential to the creative process.

I now could descend into our basement each night and write macabre poetry by candlelight with the proper ambiance. I filled a notebook with what must have been some truly bad pseudo-gothic poetry that October but I had a great time doing it.

After what seemed like a long stretch of time but in reality was probably only two weeks I grew tired of this endeavor. I discovered that it was very hard work trying to find a word to rhyme with “tomb.”

New Developments – CD “Astoria” released

The new album by my quartet East Side (with Clint Hoover, Michael Bissonnette, Matt Senjem) is now complete and is now available.

The CD is called “astoria” and a 100 radio station campaign will commence in September guided by Lisa Reedy Promotions.
There are also a couple of video projects in the works as well and all developments will be posted here at as they occur.
The August 29 performance at the 318 Cafe was filmed as part of one of these projects and the first 40 paid admissions received a free CD from my back catalog.

Blog 1

Since the age of ten I realized that I wanted to dedicate my life to some sort of creative work. Unlike the rest of my clan I was ill-suited to work in the “trades.” I have the mechanical skills of a turtle and even less aptitude for that kind of problem solving.

My first creative ambition was inspired by the writing of Edgar Alan Poe. So, at the age of twelve, I took to writing macabre gothic poetry. But finding a word to rhyme with “tomb” proved to be work beyond the grasp of a pre-adolescent and a little disturbing to my family and teachers as well.

Since I already played guitar (I began lessons at age ten) I naturally turned to music and more specifically song writing. At this point, I have (according to the BMI catalog) written and recorded about 230 songs. I’m pretty certain this number will continue to expand because I still enjoy this pursuit and find that it is by far the best justification of my existence or, as the French say, it is my raison d’être.

I am at long last very comfortable with who I am and the life I have chosen. Each day I endeavor to do my best. As my wife often reminds me “all you can do is all you can do.”

Simplicity — CD Release

I am pleased to announce the release of a new CD, Simplicity. Simplicity is an eclectic collection of musical ideas, with a new piece written and recorded very week or two over a six month period in the first half of 2013. I did not record the pieces that make up Simplicity with the intent of making a new album, and didn’t impose any criteria on this burst of creativity. But at the end of six months, there is was, a cozy patchwork quilt of musical interests that became this latest release, Simplicity.

Click here to purchase tracks from Simplicity.