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Bangkok Sunset

“Bangkok Sunset”
Written and arranged by Reynold D. Philipsek
1994 copyright Zino-Rephi Music (BMI)

Guitar, bass-Reynold
Drums- Steve Read-Smith
Trombone, cornet-Zane Schaefer
Laura Sewell-cellos

Mary and I traveled to China, Hong Kong, and Thailand in 1994.
Bangkok made a very strong impression on me.
So I came up with this song.
Bangkok is the type of place that can create a sort of sensory overload and it resulted in this very James Bond type theme.

Check out this video on YouTube:

“Sweet On You”

“Sweet On You”
Written and performed by Reynold D. Philipsek 2013 copyright Zino-Rephi Music (BMI)

I have written two songs for my wife thus far. The first is an instrumental simply called “Mary.”

The second song is with vocal and is highlighted here.

Since the vast majority of my recordings have been instrumental and featuring guitar, there are a lot of people who have only come to know of me in recent years who are unaware of the fact that there are quite a lot of songs where I do sing. Most of my vocal stuff comes from before the year 2000, but this song appeared on the 2013 album “Simplicity” which had several vocal things on it.

I quote Jimi Hendrix from “The Wind Cries Mary” at the end of the guitar solo, which is fitting considering Mary is my wife’s name.

Check out the video on YouTube:


20th Century Good-bye

“20th Century Good-bye”
written and orchestrated by Reynold D. Philipsek copyright 1997 Zino-Rephi Music (BMI)

In 1997 I prepared for the end of the century with what, for me, was an ambitious project.
I wanted to create an “orchestral” album and this was the title track.

The album did receive some nice reviews at the time but maybe was a little too much for some casual listeners. C’est la vie.

The Players

Piano and vocals-Reynold
Cello-Dianne Tremaine
Flute-Kristi Kuhns
Clarinet-Kevin Stuevens
Percussion-Gomez de Riquet
Violin-Carolyn Boulay
Oboe-Merilee Klemp
Harp-Sunita Staneslow
Trombone, cornet and euphonium-Zane Schaefer

“20th Century Good-bye” (Philipsek)

Some war, some peace,
All the happenstance between our two eternities in the meantime.

Is this an age of wonder or just Babylon?
A spectacular sunset mistaken for a dawn at the same time?

Just where did the time fly?
20th Century Good-bye.

The rise and decline
Of another chapter of mankind in the meantime.

Is it random or design
That a million fates
All intertwine at the same time?

Just where did the time fly?
20th Century Good-bye.

We all want to go to heaven
But we don’t want to die,
Like to take the plunge
And still keep dry in the meantime.

Just where did the time fly?
20th Century Good-bye.

Check out this video on YouTube:

Who Knows?

“Who Knows?”
(Composed by Reynold D. Philipsek 2018 copyright Zino-Rephi Music BMI)
Keys-Gregg Inhofer

I wrote and recorded this piece in the Spring of 2018.
“Who knows?” is a question I have been asking myself as long as I can recall.
Now that I am in my musical and physically mature years, I find myself becoming more of a minimalist. The songs on my last album “Picture This,” especially typify this development and this one follows suit.
The piece does end on a harmony that suggests a question but after all, so does the song’s title.
I am joined by my longtime pal Gregg Inhofer on this piece.

“Who Knows?” link:

And we found this video of “Babushka” in the archives.
I forgot about it.
“Babushka” is a Slavic term for grandmother, or a name used for the typical headscarves worn. My “Babushka” (born in Poland) was called “Babushka” and wore one as well.
“Babushka” (written and performed by Reynold D. Philipsek 2011 copyright)
“Babushka” link: