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Everything is Always

This is a recording done directly on my iPhone in my backroom on 3/26/2020. So obviously it is of less than studio quality. In fact, it was recorded on “Voice Memos” which, as I understand, is a utility on all iPhones. It turned out quite well considering. I intended to record this song soon in a studio but the current world situation preempted that intention.

I think the message is direct enough and certainly applicable to the current situation. Please listen/watch until the end of the piece because, otherwise, the full import of the message is lost.

Keep the faith.

“Everything Is Always”
(Composed and performed by Reynold D. Philipsek 2020 copyright Zino-Rephi Music BMI) All Rights Reserved

We are here
Then we’re gone
Still we
Carry on

Lost souls
On a journey
Who knows where
Through elation and despair
Right there
Along the way

I hope and pray
Some way
Everything is Always

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Three Recent Videos

Since many performances are currently being postponed due to the virus pandemic I thought it was useful to once again direct attention to a few (three) videos that present some live performance and commentary.
Take care.


Alban’s Boléro

Written by Reynold Philipsek
Copyright All Rights Reserved

Guitar- Reynold
Violin- Gary Schulte 
Bass-Jeff Brueske

This is the Sidewalk Cafe recording of a piece I wrote, which was based on the 12 tone row Alban Berg used for his Violin Concerto, ergo the title “Alban’s Boléro.”


Outtakes from A Life Well Played

As is typical with a documentary film, the DVD edition has additional features not included in the film proper. Such was the case with “A Life Well Played.” We have decided to finally make these outtake features publicly available, with two separate features, now on YouTube.

Please follow the links below.

Up Town: From Concept to CD | A Life Well Played DVD Extra
(Link: )

8 Solo Guitar Performances |  | A Life Well Played DVD Extra (Link: