Mill City Hot Club at Volstead’s Emporium


Perhaps the hottest club in Minneapolis, Volstead’s Emporium, will be the place that the Mill City Hot Club will be playing on February 13th starting at 8:30 pm.

Volstead’s Emporium opened late last year in Minneapolis with no promotion, website or social media listing of its Lyn-Lake area address. Emblematic of the Prohibition era, guests must navigate a dark alley until they stumble upon a door with an eye-level slot, leading to the subterranean sanctuary of red velvet and chandeliers. Just tell the management that “you are here for the Mill City Hot Club.”

It should be a fun night; come on out and see the boys play the “elegant Lyn-Lake speakeasy is enriched with history and sustained by an in-the-know crowd*.”



*That last quote was lifted directly from the StarTribune.