Reynold with Steve Pikal and Glen Helgeson at Volstead’s


Reynold and the boys head to south Minneapolis to the hip and slightly mysterious Volstead’s Emporium for a mid-December gig. This venue is a bit different than most so allow yourself a bit of extra time finding it. What’s being described through the grapevine as a kinda creepy door in a kinda creepy alley has cropped up in the Lyn-Lake neighborhood. Volstead’s Emporium lies beyond an unmarked door in the alley — its address is 711 West Lake Street. an aesthetic ideal that’s woefully missing from much of our modern cocktail culture.

True to stealthy form, they lack an official Facebook page, website or phone number, so just put on that overcoat and that fancy bonnet and flap on over and rely on the map below. It should be a fun night.