picture this

picture this

Release Date: Sep 20, 2017

Label: Rephi Records

When I was 14 years old my mother purchased a reel to reel quarter inch tape recorder for me. This machine could record “sound on sound” and I began overdubbing one guitar part over another. Thus began my fascination with the recording process and music making.

This collection was mostly done in a similar manner with the occasional addition of other instruments and players. Though I have worked in many other ways and configurations over the years this method still feels very true to me. More and more the elements of clarity, brevity, simplicity and concision become essential in my creative work.

This collection is an apt reflection of that concept. Hopefully each song paints a picture or tells it’s unique story in a direct and concise way with at least some small edifying component.– RDP

picture this

1. Bohemian Flats 2:35
2. Chrysanthemum 2:17
3. Tango Blue 3:33
4. Silesian Mist 2:47
5. Someday Maybe 3:00
6. Matka 3:07
7. Goatee and Shades 2:34
8. Rara Avis 4:02
9. Vienna Blues 2:22
10. 1965 2:49
11. Pavane 1:48