Antonio Carlos Jobim (1927-1994)

Antonio Carlos Jobim (nicknamed “Tom”) was a Brazilian composer. His music became famous throughout the world in the 1960’s through various hits like “The Girl from Ipanema” and “Corcovado” but he accomplished so much more. His music was part of the soundtrack of my childhood like that of The Beatles and Bacharach. These influences are obvious in my own music and I acknowledge that gladly.

Summer is the season I live for and summer always puts me in the mood for Jobim. So for the past few weeks and for a at least a few weeks to come I have and will be listening to Jobim’s entire canon. His usual arranger Claus Ogerman is also a genius in my opinion and there are many records and many compositions to dwell upon from 1962 right up to 1994.

Summer is Jobim.

Antonio Carlos Jobim (1927-1994)

Antonio Carlos Jobim is one of my favorite composers. I am often surprised at how many people don’t recognize the name because I am certain almost anyone over the age of 35 knows at least some of his tunes whether they realize it or not.

Jobim’s most well known compositions are The Girl from Ipanema, Desafinado, How Insensitive, One Note Samba, Corcovado, Aguas De Marco, Once I Loved and Wave. And there are many, many more.

There is a gem of an album called The Unknown (Antonio Carlos Jobim). This album has an interesting history.The story is that this album is the product of a private commission by the Odebrecht Corporation to be released in an extremely limited edition then distributed as Christmas gifts to a favored few. The album was unavailable to the general public for quite some time until finally released in Brazil only in limited edition by the corporation. Now it is available to all. There are 24 tracks on this album and this is a good place for anyone to sample the master’s work.