Who Knows?

“Who Knows?”
(Composed by Reynold D. Philipsek 2018 copyright Zino-Rephi Music BMI)
Keys-Gregg Inhofer

I wrote and recorded this piece in the Spring of 2018.
“Who knows?” is a question I have been asking myself as long as I can recall.
Now that I am in my musical and physically mature years, I find myself becoming more of a minimalist. The songs on my last album “Picture This,” especially typify this development and this one follows suit.
The piece does end on a harmony that suggests a question but after all, so does the song’s title.
I am joined by my longtime pal Gregg Inhofer on this piece.

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And we found this video of “Babushka” in the archives.
I forgot about it.
“Babushka” is a Slavic term for grandmother, or a name used for the typical headscarves worn. My “Babushka” (born in Poland) was called “Babushka” and wore one as well.
“Babushka” (written and performed by Reynold D. Philipsek 2011 copyright)
“Babushka” link:

What Next?

After a year where we finished production on and promotion of the documentary film “A Life Well Played,” as well as releasing a new album, “Picture This,” and playing about 100 gigs during 2017 it is time to sit back and figure out what is next.

My first inclination is to prepare a solo acoustic guitar set to be done and either filmed or recorded in recital. This idea is inspired by my recent interest in the historic recordings of classic pianists of the past. My listening to classic recordings by Alfred Cortot, Dinu Lipatti, William Kapell, Alexis Weisenberg, and assorted big names like Horowitz and Rubinstein leads me to the idea of a solo acoustic guitar recital.

Whether this idea is the next brainstorm I act on remains to be seen, but I feel comforted by at least having some semblance of a direction forward.

The idea is to present my strongest compositions in a solo acoustic guitar program before an audience in a special setting. These are the pieces that I carefully chose as those that best define my musical character.  The details (the hardest part) need to be sorted out.

The list of compositions to be essayed is the easier part. This is my list as of now and already put in a logical running order.

1) Chartreuse
2) Through Rose Colored Glasses
3) Butterfly
4) Beatnik Pie
5)  Sasha and Dinu
6) Prelude
7) Bohemian Flats
8) Tango Blue
9) Mary
10) July
11) December
12) Sans Souci
13) East Side
14) Silesian Mist
15) Chrysanthemum
16) Astoria
17) Up Town
18) Tempus Fugit
19) Rara Avis
20) Rococo
21) Dark Eyes