(Composed by Reynold D. Philipsek 2017 copyright Zino-Rephi Music BMI)

Keys-Gregg Inhofer

The idea was to depict the opening of a flower by “opening” up the harmony as this song evolves. It gets harder, as time goes on, to write music that satisfies. A big part of that is that by the time you have been doing it as long as I have, you have used up a big chunk of your reservoir.

I often will write a piece of music, only to discard it, because it is too similar to a thing I have already done. This one opened up (pun intended) a few new things harmonically. It probably isn’t very readily apparent but Wayne Shorter and Maurice Ravel both influenced this piece.

Stay safe.



(Composed and performed by Reynold D. Philipsek
2015 copyright Zino-Rephi Music BMI)

17th-century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer had such an effect on me that in my early thirties, I decided to go to art school part-time to learn how to paint with oils.

After two years, I realized that as a painter, I was merely an enthusiastic hobbyist but I’m glad I learned how to draw and the process of painting with oils.

This piece is my appreciation of Vermeer. It begins and ends with a musical canon (like a “round” the same music begins at different times to create counterpoint).

Because Vermeer was such a master of form and balance I thought that the inclusion of a canon was the right touch to precede and follow the improv section. 

Take care and be safe. 

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