Influences on upcoming album

The new album Quintessence will be out soon and the range of influences on the new songs range from Chopin and Ravel to Thelonious Monk and Django Reinhardt.

There are both solo acoustic guitar pieces and solo acoustic guitar with small group.

Stay tuned for details.

Coming Soon

My new album Quintessence is in the works.
This new recording contains many new pieces I have written in the past year.
Though much of the album is solo acoustic guitar the recording opens with a piece that was written and recorded for the upcoming documentary film
A Life Well Played.
This opening piece Up Town is done as a quartet with Michael Bissonnette on percussion, Matt Senjem on bass and Gregg Inhofer on piano.

When the CD and adjacent downloads are available that information will be posted here.
When the film gets nearer completion and the trailer is ready that news will also be right here.