“Harsh Reality”

(Reynold D. Philipsek)

When you really stop and think about it
this is a pretty scary place,
You are dropped into existence from some unknown outer space
And slapped into animation
(That’ll put a smile upon your face)
Yes, it’s a harsh, harsh place

So you scramble to get the gist of it and learn the vague unwritten rules
and negotiate the distance between the “real threats” and “utter fools”
and beat back the persistence of the phantoms, ghosts, and ghouls
Yes, it’s a harsh, harsh place 

Snow on the Roof

“There may be snow upon the roof
but there’s a fire in the furnace”
Another of Uncle Dave’s aphorisms 
that he would deadpan as if in earnest

His jibes may not have been all his own
but he delivered them with panache
with the skill of a great comic actor
disconcerted and unabashed

He lived until nearly ninety-five
and never lost his wit
with a joke or jest for nearly everything
that he could summon and retrofit

To a young boy, his presence would loom quite large
with that keen ability to amuse
I saw myself many a time 
the tense situations he would defuse

I like to think that these day
she’s rocking in his chair
puffing thoughtfully on his cigar
and gladdening souls somewhere