Thieves and Poets (John Mc Laughlin)

I have always thought that John Mc Laughlin (the guitarist and composer and not the somewhat “right” political commentator) was of legendary status.

I am especially keen on Mc Laughlin’s acoustic guitar work. His early 1980’s albums like Belo Horizonte and Music Spoken Here are great records. But his 2003 record Thieves and Poets contains the three movement title track and it is wonderful in every regard in my opinion. Great composition, masterly playing and a beautiful overall sonic picture.


Quintessence Release Event

The concert for the release of the new CD Quintessence will be at 7:00 P.M. on Saturday, March 21 for the Jazz at St. Barney’s concert series.

The new CD will be available for only $10.00 at this event only. Admission is $10.00 adults and $5.00 students.

St Barnabas Lutheran Church, 15600 Old Rockford Road, Plymouth, MN

Come out and celebrate Spring.

I will play a short solo guitar set followed by a set with Michael Bissonnette on percussion and Matt Senjem on bass.